Another stunning collection from Maison d’Hermine, ‘Birdies on a wire’ follows the European style of minimalism that stands out. Designed in Europe, these colorful birds on a nuetral background are sitting on a wire, which is made of French script. The artist of the original birds has made them realistic with his skillful use of watercolors. This has been carefully recreated on print by Maison d’Hermine making this a fun collection, but one to be admired too.

Birdies-on-Wire-collection-01 Birdies-on-Wire-Tablecloth-01 Birdies-on-Wire-Table-Runner-01

Birdies-on-Wire-Potholder-01 Birdies-on-Wire-Placemat-01 Birdies-on-Wire-Napkin-01

Birdies-on-Wire-Kitchen-Towel-01 Birdies-on-Wire-Apron-01 Birdies-on-Wire-Glove-01