A peice of fabric that sees as much use as a kitchen towel being pretty is an advantage. Like this one from the ‘Birdies on a wire’ collection. The towel has a muted print on the background and a chequered binding fabric at the bottom.  Three rows and twelve different birds on a wire bring color to this lovely fabric. Made from absorbent material, this was Intended for use as a kitchen towel, but is good enough to sit in a frame too.

01-Birdies-on-Wire-Kitchen-Towel 06-Birdies-on-Wire-Kitchen-Towel 07-Birdies-on-Wire-Kitchen-Towel 08-Birdies-on-Wire-Kitchen-Towel

05-Birdies-on-Wire-Kitchen-Towel 04-Birdies-on-Wire-Kitchen-Towel 03-Birdies-on-Wire-Kitchen-Towel