This smart apron has bright birds on a white fabric with an adjustable shoulder strap and tie in plaid. It is this same plaid pattern that is found as a binding at the base of the apron as well as the piping around the two side pockets, bringing the elements together. The body of the fabric has a light print overall, and the pockets are made of fabric that is printed with script. Cooking is never dull with this whimsical apron.

01-Birdies-on-Wire-Apron 07-Birdies-on-Wire-Apron 08-Birdies-on-Wire-Apron

06-Birdies-on-Wire-Apron 05-Birdies-on-Wire-Apron 04-Birdies-on-Wire-Apron

02-Birdies-on-Wire-Apron 03-Birdies-on-Wire-Apron