Set 1:

The Happy Florals – Sweety kitchen towel set brings out the real beauty of nature in its simplest form, with a lovely arrangement of flowers and butterflies. Embellished in a neat yellow and beige color palette, these towels feature colorful butterflies and a variety of flowers. Made from 100% cotton, each towel sports a unique design: one has lovely images, one has a simple dotted print, and the other one has a caption to remember.

Set 2:

Let your kitchen bloom with the Happy Florals – Sweety kitchen towels. Beautiful flowers and butterflies are arranged in an interesting manner to create an aesthetically pleasing design boasting summery tones and distinct textures. Each element is thoughtfully included to add a touch of warmth and style to your kitchen. Comprising of 3 unique pieces, the 100% cotton kitchen towel set is a fun way to deal with messes in your kitchen.