The quilted double oven mitt has a large decorative flower in the middle flanked by two large paisleys on either side which cocoon smaller paisleys. The pockets and edges are defined with burnt orange binding fabric and the pockets’ prints are matched to the front, making the transition, well, seamless. The reverse has the same pattern as the front.

06-Kashmiri-Paisley-double-glove 07-Kashmiri-Paisley-double-glove 08-Kashmiri-Paisley-double-glove

05-Kashmiri-Paisley-double-glove 04-Kashmiri-Paisley-double-glove 03-Kashmiri-Paisley-double-glove

02-Kashmiri-Paisley-double-glove 01-Kashmiri-Paisley-double-glove