The Paisley has a history dating back many centuries and it was in the 17th century that the French were introduced to it in the form of Kashmir shawl imports from India. The Paisley pattern was then reproduced locally in Marseilles and soon became popular and synonymous with French textiles. This has been the inspiration for the ‘Kashmir Paisley’ collection from ‘Maison d’Hermine’. With its warm colors and decorative pattern, they instantly liven up the kitchen and table.

glvoe-01 Kashmiri-Paislye-apron-01 Kashmiri-Paislye-double-glove-01

Kashmiri-Paislye-kitchen-set-01 Kashmiri-Paislye-kitchen-towel-01 Kashmiri-Paislye-napkin-01

Kashmiri-Paislye-table-runner-01 Kashmiri-Paislye-potholder-01 Kashmiri-Paislye-placemat-01 Kashmiri-Paislye-tablecloth-01